Kentucky Court Records

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Kentucky court records

Kentucky court records are found mainly at the State Law Library in Frankfort, offering online resources to the public, administration and judiciary of the state. Many of these records are also found at the Archives and Records department in Louisville. Depending upon the type of case you’re looking for, you may have to search one or both of these facilities’ volumes.

Many civil and criminal court records are available for the public’s research. There are also numerous resources for anyone planning to represent themselves in court or file for divorce, child support or another common request of the court. Understanding the court rules and procedures can streamline this process and aid in the prevention of filing the wrong paperwork with the wrong office, enabling the court to better serve the public in the long run.

Many Kentucky court records are utilized by the Supreme Court justices and local members of the Bar to research past cases when preparing for court arguments or drafting opinions. Oral arguments from the Attorney General, former Supreme Court decisions and even current statutes that affect the area are all vital to case preparation for these legal professionals.

History of Kentucky Court Records

The Kentucky Supreme Court was created in 1975 via a constitutional amendment, meant to lessen the burden on the state’s Court of Appeals. The State Law Library was later created to hold and maintain Kentucky court records for the use of the state’s judiciary, administration and the public. These legal resources are found in the library in the capitol building, and can be accessed online as well.

Kentucky Court Records Availability

Kentucky court records held by the State Law Library include historical documents, Kentucky statutes, court rules and forms, Attorney General opinions, Supreme Court opinions, oral arguments and House and Senate Journals. There is also a rare book collection at the library and statutes for all other states in the country.

Criminal and civil Kentucky court records can be searched online as well as divorce and marriage records, court dockets and case histories. If you plan on representing yourself in the court of law, searching court rules, procedures and necessary forms online is an invaluable resource. The Archives and Records Department in Louisville offers access to most of these types of Kentucky court records as well.

Main Court Information

Kentucky’s Supreme Court is the state’s highest appellate court, hearing appeals from all lower level trial courts. There are seven justices serving the court, and they each have eight-year terms. This court has mandatory jurisdiction over cases involving sentences of more than 20 years of imprisonments or the death penalty. Other appeals must be approved by the Court of Appeals before they are heard by the Supreme Court. Justices meet in Frankfort at the capitol building.

Caseload Statistics

Kentucky’s Supreme Court only hears several hundred cases per year. In 2007, there were 580 filings and 591 dispositions. In 2012, there were 493 filings and 429 dispositions.