Idaho Court Records

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Idaho court records

Idaho court records are created by the Idaho judiciary and maintained by the Idaho State Law Library in Boise, with the main mission to provide legal and research support to the Idaho Supreme Court. These records are also available to the public for research purposes, and include historical documents, legal textbooks and journals, current statutes and federal judiciary information. Court decisions and arguments, as well as court forms and publications are also available.

These Idaho court records are largely available in person at the state library location, though vast amounts of records are accessible online since the library is managed by both the Supreme Court and the Idaho College of Law.

History of Idaho Court Records

The Idaho State Law Library is co-managed by the Idaho Supreme Court and University of Idaho College of Law. Its main mission is to assist the Supreme Court justices, but also provides access to the court system and documents to the public. It is permanently located in Boise at the Idaho Law & Justice Learning Center, but also offers online records and catalogs.

In 1869, a $500 appropriation under an Idaho statute provided for the purchase of legal material and established the Idaho State Law Library.

Idaho Court Records Availability

The Idaho State Law Library boasts nearly 30,000 volumes stored in house and 90,000 additional volumes accessible in storage. Legal academic books, law reviews, legal journals and periodicals as well as electronic resources are available in these Idaho court records. Past decisions and oral arguments, court forms and rules are also accessible here.

This library is largely a research facility for the public, though limited material lending may be available to attorneys, justices and legal students. Historical archives of Idaho’s constitution and amendments, as well as current state and local statutes, and even federal statutes are also maintained here.

Main Court Information

The Idaho Supreme Court was established in 1890 with the Idaho Constitution, and was then given appellate authority as the highest court in the state. This court hears appeals from all lower district courts, as well as orders from the Idaho Industrial Commission, Industrial Accident Commission and Public Utilities Commission. Idaho court records of the Supreme Court also include appeals from the Idaho Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court may also simply review a decision of this court of appeals.

There are a total of five justices serving the court, and the justices travel to Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Moscow, Lewiston, Pocatello, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Caldwell and Twin Falls to hear oral arguments. The court’s permanent home is located in Boise.

Caseload Statistics

Idaho’s Supreme Court receives a wide variety of numbers of filings per year. In 2007, there were 936 filings and 365 dispositions. In 2014, there were only 163 filings and 126 dispositions.