Over the past several days, the nation has been shocked by the discovery of several homemade bombs being sent though the mail to prominent Democratic politicians, funders and news organizations. The FBI announced on October 26 that they finally captured the individual suspected of sending the bombs in Southern Florida.

The FBI discovered that many of the packages were sent through a specific facility located in Opa-locka, Florida. On October 25, the Miami-Dade County Police Department assisted federal agents in investigating the postal facility. Each package was a manila envelope stuffed with bubble-wrap and potential bombs. Each of the package’s address labels were printed from a computer, and every package had six stamps.

The envelope and materials inside were quickly analyzed by federal agents. They were able to ascertain where parts of the bombs were made and purchased. They also closely scanned each package for potential DNA samples of the suspect.

The latest of these bomb packages was discovered on October 26. They were being mailed to Democratic Senator Cory Booker and former national intelligence director James Clapper. This makes at least 12 packages that have been discovered in the past week.

Many analysts believe that these bombs were made intentionally to strike fear into the public. One business owner who provides explosives to the police and military, Ryan Morris, explains that he believes the bombs were “Mickey Mouse” devices that were meant to be found before exploding. Despite these opinions, federal officials continue to treat each new device as “live.”

A news conference regarding this issue will be held at 2:30 P.M. on October 26 to discuss forthcoming details about the suspect. Police have not yet publicly identified the man because he is currently undergoing an FBI interrogation.