After days of hearing news reports about bombs being sent through the mail to prominent Democratic politicians, the nation experienced a collective sigh of release as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was taken into police custody in Florida.

The suspect, who reportedly sent all 14 mail bombs to critics of Donald Trump, was captured after accidently leaving a fingerprint on two of the packages. Once police began looking into the suspect’s background, they realized he has an extensive criminal history. He is also well-known for openly threating those with Democratic leaning views online.

Soyoc’s cousin, Lenny Altieri, told media outlets that he believed the suspect was a “lunatic” and “loner.” Another associate, Imon Karim, described the suspect as “odd” and passionate about politics. According to Karim, the suspect sent him “endless” messages and content attempting to persuade him to vote. The suspect even sent Karim ballots.

Rochelle Ritchie, a political commentator, spoke out on social media after learning about the suspect’s identity. Ritchie was allegedly threatened by the suspect on Twitter after she appeared on Fox News. She reported the user, but Twitter responded by saying that they did not find any abusive behavior in the exchange. Now, Twitter says they made a mistake in not banning the suspect after the incident. The social media giant explained, “We are deeply sorry for that error.”

Sayoc was intercepted by police at about 10 A.M. on October 26. His vehicle, a white van plastered with pro-Trump stickers, was found in a parking lot of AutoZone. He was previously arrested in 2002 for a bomb threat.