Canadian police are being internationally praised for their recent non-violent arrest of a suspect who was causing havoc in Toronto. Reports indicate that an erratic driver in a white van was attacking pedestrians by driving on the sidewalk area. Multiple victims were injured or killed by the reckless driver.

Several onlookers began taking video footage of the standoff when the van eventually crashed. Police approached the suspect who was in front of the damaged van and yelling. A Toronto Police officer can be heard telling the suspect to “Get down.” The individual appeared to be wielding some sort of object in his hand. The suspect told police that he had a firearm in his pocket, and he boldly urged Toronto Police to shoot him in the head.

Toronto Police stood firm and continued to issue multiple warnings to the suspect. The officer draws his own weapon, but he remains calm and focused. Ultimately, the suspect dropped the object he was holding and submitted to the authorities. Toronto Police explained that they are taught to use as little force as possible in any situation, and the department is being widely praised for their ability to create a peaceful resolution to the situation. There is no indication that the suspect had a firearm as he claimed.

15 people were left injured by the suspect, while ten victims lost their lives. The motive behind this crime is still under investigation.

The Police Chief of Toronto, Mark Saunders, confirmed that Alek Minassian was arrested in connection with the incident. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted on social media about the tragedy, and he reassured the public that they are monitoring the situation closely.