Austin has been plagued with several bombings incidents this month, and Austin Police are now being flooded with calls relating to suspicious packages and potential bombs. According to the Austin Police Department, the agency took over 420 phone calls regarding bomb threats within the 24 hours from Monday morning to Tuesday morning of this week.

In the past four weeks, five packages have exploded. The bombs have killed two and injured at least five other victims. The package bombings have occurred on March 2, March 12, March 18 and March 20. The first three package bombs were left on doorsteps and detonated upon being moved. Tuesday, March 20, one package exploded in a FedEx facility near San Antonio. A separate package bomb was discovered in the facility and thankfully never detonated. Another frightening incident occurred at a Goodwill, but authorities don’t believe that incident is related to the serial bomber currently terrorizing the city.

Police Chief Brian Manley has been vocal on social media and warned citizens to remain vigilant. Federal agents are involved in investigating these serious attacks, and experts believe these cases are likely all linked to a serial bomber. FBI agents believe they may have discovered a link between the bomb packages and a mail delivery office in Sunset Valley, and they have been searching the office for evidence following the March 20 bombing. President Donald Trump has expressed deep concern over the serial bombing saying, “these are sick people and we need to find them immediately.”