As the month of October winds down, most of the nation participates in Halloween celebrations. For children, this often means going door-to-door and trick or treating for candy.

Several communities in Milwaukee are hosting trick or treating events for children over the next week, so police are working hard to ensure the safety of all children during this time. There are already measures in place that prevent the state’s registered sex offenders from putting out decorations, wearing costumes, handing out candy and turning their porch lights on for the night’s events. There are over 5,800 registered sex offenders throughout the state. Multiple law enforcement agencies have been conducting assessments at these offender’s homes to ensure they are remaining compliant with the law.

Over the weekend, police conducted these assessments because some of the state’s trick or treaters were enjoying the celebration a few nights early. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections partnered up with law enforcement agencies throughout the state in what they are calling the “trick or treat operation.” The operation was held on October 28th until about 4 P.M. Around 200 residents were inspected. At least eight sex offenders were taken into custody after officers discovered they were violating the rules of their parole.

One individual was arrested for possessing a computer with internet access, which goes against his restrictions as a prior sex offender. Another was arrested after police saw Halloween decorations (which are enticing to children) in the sex offender’s yard and home. Another individual had alcohol in their home.