Brandon Sherman, a 40-year-old resident of San Jose, was taken into custody by the San Mateo Police Department after he allegedly pretended to be an Uber driver, picked up an unsuspecting female passenger and sexually assaulted her.

According to initial reports, the victim was waiting for her ride share vehicle to appear near Grant Street and Highway 92. At around 7 P.M. on August 14th, the suspect pulled his car over near the waiting victim. His gray Toyota vehicle was reportedly plastered with both Lyft and Uber stickers, which made it appear like the suspect was a regular ride-share driver. Thinking the vehicle was her ordered car, the victim entered into the backseat.

Next, Sherman took the woman to a secluded area around Fashion Island Boulevard where he sexually assaulted the female. The victim fought off her attacker and was able to escape. She immediately stopped a passing vehicle and asked them to call 911.

Investigators were able to obtain video surveillance footage from a nearby local business. The video helped them get an image of the suspect’s vehicle. Investigators looked at nearly 1,100 cars matching the suspect’s car before finally narrowing it down to five potential Toyotas.

At about 9:20 A.M. on October 25, police located Sherman when his Toyota was pulled over during a routine traffic stop. He was arrested, and a search warrant for his home turned up evidence that linked him to the sexually assault. The suspect is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping with the intent to rape.