The Associated Press reports that a sex trafficking case has been dropped against a former death row inmate. In Honolulu, the charges were dismissed on Tuesday against a man from Delaware who was at one time on death row.

The 10-count indictment was dropped by prosecutors and Isaiah McCoy was able to walk out of court a free man. The dismissal was approved by the judge. McCoy was representing himself in the case.

Specifics of why the charges were dropped were not disclosed, but prosecutors said it was due to information they obtained in recent days.

Formerly a death row inmate, McCoy is now an activist against wrongful convictions. He was sentenced to death for a murder conviction in Delaware, but a judge found him not guilty during retrial.

Less than a year after he was released for the murder case, he was arrested for sex trafficking. He had allegedly forced young women into prostitution in Hawaii. McCoy had moved to the islands after speaking at a criminal justice reform rally.

McCoy had been working at a Waikiki hotel as a security guard in the area known for prostitution and tourists. He was dating a woman who was a stripper and prostitute, but they eventually broke up. He claims the victims in this case were already prostitutes when he met them.

His wife, Tawana Roberts, was also a co-defendant in the case. The couple wed only six days after meeting at a nightclub in Honolulu. The case against Roberts was dismissed earlier.

*Photo credit The Associated Press