Michael Kremensky, a Northampton High School Custodian, has been arrested by police under the suspicion of photographing unsuspecting nude female students.

John Provost, the Superintendent of the school, sent students home with a letter to parents informing them of the horrifying discovery. According to the letter, maintenance staff from the school were in the process of fixing a leak in the girl’s restroom. Sadly, the staff found specific “modifications” within the first-floor bathroom. Staff immediately called the Northampton Police Department and reported the incident to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

Police Chief Jody Kasper explained that these suspicious modifications included several holes drilled from the ceiling. He furthered that these holes were a serious threat to the girl’s privacy. After investigating the crime, authorities concluded that the custodian, Michael Kremensky, is the lead suspect. This custodian’s closet is located right next to the bathroom in question. The custodian has been working for the school since August 2017, but he is currently on leave.

The school has closed the bathroom in question, and staff are working to repair the discovered damage. The school has confirmed that they are also inspecting all other bathrooms, changing areas and locker rooms to verify there are no other privacy concerns for students. Staff has not found any other questionable modifications anywhere else.

Kremensky is facing four counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person. Police are not releasing any other details about the case until they complete the investigation.