Andrew Harris, a 54-year-old resident of Columbus, has been captured and arrested by authorities for his role in a human trafficking ring.

Harris, better known on the street as ‘Jamaican Rick’, was working alongside two accomplices to force various women into a prostitution ring. The suspect also went by the alias ‘Bobby Eric Smith,’ and authorities have been hunting down the suspect since the arrest of his associates. Both Mark J. Amicon and Kevin T. King were already in police custody when they confessed to working alongside Jamaican Rick in this human trafficking operation.

The group of men ran a website called The website both facilitated and promoted prostitution. Investigators determined that the men were utilizing heroin on their victims. They would shoot up the female victims with the drug, get them hooked on the substance and then exploit their addictions by forcing them to commit degrading and sexual acts for their fix. After examining evidence, police were disturbed to find that the men routinely used acts of extreme violence to intimidate the women into silence.

In one of the worst incidents, the men tortured a female victim with a blowtorch because she refused to perform multiple sexual acts. It’s unclear whether the men profited from or distributed these extreme acts of violence and cruelty.

At 9:30 P.M. on June 7, the suspect was finally taken into custody for his horrific crimes by the Columbus Police Department. His charges include compelling prostitution, engaging in corrupt activity, trafficking humans and promoting prostitution.