Kevin Purvis, a 37-year-old equipment manager at Georgia, has been arrested by the Athens Clarke-County Sheriff’s Department after a month-long investigation at the University. Last month, the Athletic Association discovered a camera inside one shower within the football facility. The surveillance camera was not University property, and the association was disturbed at the discovery. Authorities believe that Kevin Purvis may have installed the hidden camera in the Bulldog’s locker room.

The University promptly reported the incident to the University of Georgia Police Department. They immediately began investigating the incident. Suspicions about the source of the camera led to Kevin Purvis’ dismissal from the University. Prior to being fired, Pruvis was responsible for maintaining the Bulldog’s football equipment. This included ordering and accounting for all property. Additionally, Purvis would help with equipment on game days.

Authorities have arrested Purvis with three counts of felony eavesdropping, one felony possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance. Records indicate that the suspect had less than one ounce of marijuana on his persons when the police initiated the arrest. He was booked into Athens-Clarke County jail on Friday, and he remains in custody. His bond is set at $16,000.

Initial investigations into the incident show that no students or athletes were victims in this incident, but it has come to the police’s attention that Purvis also worked at Valdosta State University and the University of West Georgia prior to joining the Bulldogs team. It’s unclear whether the suspect has any additional cameras anywhere.