NBC News reports that ex-teacher Tad Cummins has been sentenced to 20 years for kidnapping a teen student. Cummins will be serving his sentence in a federal prison for the 2017 kidnapping of a 15-year-old female student.

Cummins pleaded guilty to federal charges of crossing state lines to have sex with a minor and obstruction of justice in April of 2018. He is currently 52 years old, and according to prosecutors took the girl across state lines so he could engage in “criminal sexual activity” with the girl.

He had faced a potential maximum of 10 years for crossing state lines for sex with a minor and 20 years for obstruction of justice.

Cummins is a former teacher from Columbia, Tennessee and was arrested in North Carolina. He was found a month after he took the victim, in April 2017.

Police received a tip that the pair may have been living in a remote cabin. Cummins was suspended from his teaching position on February 6 after a different student reported seeing him kissing his kidnapping victim.

On March 13, he left a note for his wife that he was leaving for a while and told her not to call the police. The victim’s father reported she was missing that same evening. An Amber Alert was issued and Cummins was fired. The Tennessee Board of Education also revoked his teaching license.


*Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office