Allison Mack, a former star of the TV show Smallville, has just been arrested for being involved in the sex cult group Nxivm.

Keith Raniere was taken into custody by Mexican officials when it was discovered that he fled to their country to avoid American police. Raniere co-founded Nxvim. Authorities believe that this supposed self-help group is really a sex cult. According to reports, Nxvim brands women with Raniere and Mack’s initials before forcing them into a life of sex slavery. Police believe that Mack is second in command after Raniere.

Police first became aware of the disturbing human trafficking ring when a former Nxvim publicist blew the whistle on the illegal activities of the group. Another whistleblower, India Oxenberg, provided prosecutors in New York with additional evidence against the cult and its leaders. The group reportedly recruited multiple Hollywood Stars including the Battlestar Galactica star Nicki Clyne. Allison Mack allegedly recruited 25 women into the cult by herself.

Court documents reveal that victims of this cult were forced to hand over damaging and explicit materials such as sexual photos. This information was held as collateral to prevent victims from speaking out about the cult’s activities. Victims were additionally forced to engage in disturbing acts like taking cold showers, standing for hours in the middle of the night and being told to remain “exceptionally thin”. The cult taught women that men need to have multiple sexual partners, but women should remain monogamous.

Raniere has been extradited to the United States. He is currently facing charges for conspiracy to commit forced labor and sex trafficking.