One burglar in New Jersey has the nation collectively facepalming at his folly. Apparently, the burglar had a really rough night bursting with mistakes that ultimately led him directly into the hands of police officers. He is now being charged with criminal trespassing, attempted burglary, theft and other crimes. Now, he remains detained at the Bergen County Jail.

The suspect’s night of bad decisions started just before 10 P.M. on Valentines Day. 28-year-old Nicholas Maziot, who is also homeless, had the idea to sneak into a home and take some valuables. His first mistake was following through with the horrible idea. His second mistake was targeting a home in Rochelle Park on Catherine Street. Apparently, the property owners were home and inside when Maziot decided to burglarize them.

According to the homeowners, Maziot made so much noise as he attempted to get access to the home that he woke them up from a dead sleep. The homeowner got out of bed to investigate the noise, and he was met with the homeless suspect on the second floor of his home. At that point, Maziot made another mistake. He decided to flee by jumping out of the second-floor window. It remains unclear whether or not he was injured during the fall.

The homeowners immediately called authorities. Maziot, on the other hand, made another bad decision to request a Lyft vehicle as an escape car. Minutes after ordering the car, he noticed a vehicle pull up to the side of the road. Maziot came out of hiding and approached the car. He asked the driver if he was his Lyft vehicle when he realized he was speaking to a police officer.

The officer quickly took him into custody.