Shelby Taylor Wyse, a 25-year-old bank employee, has been arrested for her role in a violent robbery on August 21st. She is currently being detained at the Harris County Jail.

On Tuesday, an unidentified woman was visiting the local bank where Wyse helped her withdraw $75,000 in cash. After leaving the bank, the victim proceeded to a parking lot at a nearby gas station. There, she was jumped by two men who threatened her with weapons and violence. Thankfully, a nearby deputy constable witnessed the attack and promptly rushed in to help the victim. The two men jumped into a getaway car and fled.

The victim sustained significant injuries that will take her about six to eight weeks to recover from. She has broken ribs and a broken shoulder. Investigators reviewed surveillance tapes from nearby areas, and they discovered that the victim had been followed by the two men since she left the bank.

Further investigation revealed that the bank employee, Wyse, informed her boyfriend, Travonn Johnson about the large cash withdraw just moments after it occurred. This information allowed Johnson and Mitchell to specifically target and trail the woman to the gas station where they hoped to steal her cash.

Investigators have identified and arrested both Travonn Johnson and Davis Mitchell for attacking the victim. They are both being charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, and they are being detained at the Harris County Jail. Police are still working to identify a fourth suspect who they believe drove the getaway vehicle.