One Oklahoma woman’s DUI arrest has gone viral after Tulsa Police officers posted about the ordeal on Facebook. According to initial reports, the suspect was so intoxicated that she could be heard “coming from a block away.” Apparently, the woman had been driving on a rimmed wheel, and her car showed signs of front-end damage. The police department is concerned that the suspect may have gotten into a collision prior to being arrested due to the state of her vehicle and her level of inebriation.

When officers spotted the vehicle driving on its rim, they immediately pulled the suspect over. 28-year-old Amy Ann Dillon was clearly intoxicated. The officer immediately noticed a full margarita drink in the car’s cup holder, so they asked her to step out of the car. She admitted to the police that she had consumed at least two tequila shots earlier in the evening. She wasn’t sure where her driver’s license was, and she performed very poorly on field sobriety tests.

The officers did an on-scene breathalyzer test, and Dillon blew a .21. The legal limit is .08. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Tulsa County Jail. Upon further investigating the suspect, the police realized this is her second DUI offense. In addition to her DUI charge, she’s also being charged with transporting an open container, operating a motor vehicle with defective tires and driving without possessing a driver’s license.

If anyone has information related to this crime, then they should reach out to the Tulsa Police Department.