My SA reports that a woman convicted in a case of a postal worker carjacking has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The 27-year-old participated in the carjacking and shooting of a postal worker in 2017, then engaged in a shootout with police.

Defense attorneys asked the court for leniency because Sarah Richford suffered physical and emotional abuse by a relative, leading to drug use and criminal activity. Richford also admitted her involvement in the crime immediately upon being arrested.

The judge sentenced her to the maximum allowed in her plea deal, as well as $175,105 in restitution. He also stated that he believed the sentence should have been longer for shooting a federal employee.

Richford’s boyfriend, Bradley James A’Hearn II, helped her rob Marie Sebastian, 60, at gunpoint just north of San Antonio on February 11, 2017. A’Hearn was wearing a mask and shot Sebastian in the leg when she wrestled over her cellphone with him. He eventually took the truck and cellphone while Richford waited in a nearby stolen vehicle. After working for the postal office for over four years, that day was to be Sebastian’s last before starting a new job. The couple fled the scene and led law enforcement on two separate pursuits days apart.

In one pursuit, the two were driving the wrong way on U.S. 281 while they took turns shooting at police. The second pursuit ended at the North Star Mall, resulting in the mall getting locked down after shots were fired.

A’Hearn, 24, was sentenced to 20 years as well.

*Photo credit Hearst Communications, Inc.