Social media users are disturbed by recently revealed footage that shows one Atlanta Police Officer using inappropriate tactics to pull a 65-year-old grandmother out of her vehicle. The officer, James Legg, had pulled the car over for a routine traffic stop. According to the officer’s statements, the driver refused to sign a ticket and then refused to get out of her car.

Officer Legg considered her actions to be passive resistance, so he called for back up to respond. In a statement, he confirmed that he had interacted with the suspect on multiple occasions. He believes that his use of force was minimal and appropriate considering the circumstances. He also noted that he followed his training when responding to this situation.

When back-up arrived, police officers can be seen pulling and tugging the older woman from her car. Officer Legg can be heard screaming profanity at the woman. Officer Legg can also be seen pulling the victim’s arm as she screams. The police handcuffed the woman and arrested her for disorderly conduct. Neither of the two additional officers in the video have been identified.

The May 4th incident resulted in Officer Legg’s suspension. The department has launched an internal affairs investigation into this situation. The 65-year-old victim has been identified as Rose Campbell. She has spoken out against her treatment by officers. She explained to news reporters that she felt both violated and disrespected in the violent arrest. She plead guilty to disorderly conduct, but her charge of an improper lane change has been dismissed. Reports indicate that Campbell was working as a Lyft driver and had a passenger with her at the time of her arrest.