A video that went viral this week has led to the arrest of 30-year-old Kino Jimenez. The video shows Jimenez verbally and physically assaulting a 16-year-old minor at a Whataburger restaurant, and the short clip has already been viewed online over two million times.

16-year-old Hunter Richard was dining at the local Whataburger in Thousand Oaks, Texas, and minding his own business in the early hours of July 4th. The youngster was wearing the iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat which appears to have triggered the rage of Jimenez. The suspect gets into a verbal altercation with the minor before picking up a drink and tossing the cup’s contents all over the teenager. The suspect then grabs up the red hat and leaves with it.

Hunter appears to be taking the incident very well. He later posted to social media about the incident and said, “It’s all good.” Police, on the other hand, took the viral video very seriously and began searching for the identity of the man. Eventually, authorities tracked down Jimenez in Universal City, Texas. San Antonio Police arrested him and transported him to the City Magistrate for booking.

The suspect’s former employer has also spoken out about Jimenez’s actions. The bar owner who employed the suspect confirmed that he has been terminated from his position due to his actions. He posted online that his bar was a safe space for everyone, but he later deleted the company’s Facebook page.

Whataburger has also commented on the incident. They explained that they don’t condone that kind of behavior by their patrons, and they made it very clear that Whataburger and its employees were not involved in the attack.