Video has been released regarding a recent run in between Cambridge police and a black Harvard Law School student that some are calling “disturbing.” The video footage captures police officers tackling and hitting the student who was naked at the time.

Police explained how the department received several calls that night about a baffling disturbance in a very busy intersection. Responders found the suspect, Selorm Ohene, acting in a strange and uncooperative manner. Police said the suspect was both naked and aggressive. One of the suspect’s friends was at the scene, and they informed officers that the suspect had ingested LSD.

The officers attempted to talk down the suspect, but he refused to cooperate. He wouldn’t comply with the officer’s demands, so they went to handcuff and detain him. The suspect then resisted arrest, and police admit to delivering strikes to the suspect in an attempt to get him handcuffed.

Selorm Ohene was arrested on multiple charges including resisting arrest, indecent exposure, assault, disorderly conduct and assault and battery on ambulance personnel. According to reports, the suspect intentionally spit blood and saliva at emergency responders while being treated in an ambulance. The suspect is still recovering from his injuries in the hospital. Two officers were also admitted to hospitals for exposure to the suspect’s bodily fluids and minor injuries.

Police are arguing that the use of force was justified, but they will still be conducting an investigation into the incident. Others, including the Harvard Black Law Students Association, are calling the entire scene “unacceptable.”