The past few years, the United States has undergone serious political turmoil. The Trump family in particular has experienced an incredible amount of public backlash, scrutiny and criticism. After 13 long years of marriage, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife has filed for divorce citing the outrageous and unwanted publicity as one of the biggest contributing factors for the split.

Vanessa Trump filed for divorce with Manhattan’s Supreme Court on March 15, 2018. The couple has been experiencing multiple problems within the marriage, but Vanessa specifically noted that she has not been happy since her life was thrown into the spotlight. Her husband has been heading up the Trump Organization, and Vanessa has been experiencing the high-profile publicity. She is uncomfortable with the negative attention and worries about her children’s safety. In February, Vanessa was admitted to a hospital after opening one of Trump Jr.’s letters which contained a threat and unidentified white powder. In addition to the unwanted attention, Vanessa has expressed concerns about her husband’s use of social media. She told Page Six News that Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets were becoming increasingly unhinged.

The couple currently has five children. While they haven’t been legally separated, friends of the couple have reported that they’ve been living entirely separate lives. The couple has found it challenging to work out their marital issues because Trump Jr. is dedicated to his father’s presidency and company. He reportedly spends countless time traveling the world, going on hunting adventures and supporting the Trump Organization. Vanessa has expressed her unhappiness with her husband’s lack of time at home.