Duane Youd, a 47-year-old resident of Utah, was arrested in the evening hours of August 12. Police were responding to a domestic dispute where Youd was accused of physically assaulting his wife after a night of drinking. Nearby witnesses confirmed the assault and had contacted the Utah County Sheriff’s Office about the incident.

Youd’s mugshot shows evident cuts and scratches all over his face. Hours later, Youd was able to make bail, and he was released from jail. At around 1:00 A.M. that night, Youd contacted authorities again. He requested that they assist him in “keeping the peace” while he returned to his home to collect personal items.

While police did not report any further arguments breaking out, it’s clear that Youd was enraged after the meeting. He left his home and went directly to the Spanish Fork Airport where he decided to steal a Cessna Citation 525 jet. According to police reports, Youd had access to the plane because he worked for the company who owned it. Youd is also a highly experienced pilot who was capable of flying the plane with ease.

At around 2:40 A.M., Youd directed the plane towards the front of his house and smashed into it. His wife and her child were inside the home when the crash occurred, but they were both able to escape unharmed. Reports indicate that Youd called his biological children before stealing the plane and told them to stay at their mother’s house that night, so it’s likely Youd intentionally crashed into the home with the intent to harm the individuals inside. Youd perished as a result of his actions. The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate the incident.