Shane Ryan Sealy, a 34-year-old resident of Alabama, was just taken into custody by the Huntsville Police Department for engaging in an unruly public fight during a rally on July 1st.

The “Families Belong Together” rally was designed to protest current immigration policies, but everyone was welcomed out to the event including those with opposing views. Sealy was among those in the crowd. It appears that the suspect intentionally attempted to stir up anger and create chaos. One witness reported hearing Sealy repeatedly shouting “Ice Ice, Baby” and “womp, womp.”

Later on during the event, Sealy became more unruly. He got into a heated discussion with another rally participant, and the exchange quickly turned into a shoving match. Witnesses reported seeing Sealy shove first, but both participants were equally argumentative. At one point, Sealy found himself on the ground and outnumbered. He lifted himself up and brandished a firearm. Cell phone video recorded by other rally participants clearly shows Sealy pointing the gun at the crowd. He exclaims, “I will shoot everybody here,” as multiple people duck down and begin fleeing the scene.

In response, several witnesses alerted nearby security officers by shouting “gun!” Possibly recognizing his mistake, Sealy can be seen concealing the weapon back into his pants before attempting to walk away from the chaos. Police units responding quickly, and Sealy was seen immediately raising his hands in surrender.

Police arrested Sealy and charged him with possessing a firearm within 1,000 feet of the protest. Police and citizens alike are relieved that no one was injured during the incident, but the arrest makes it clear that police will not accept any violence or threats during these demonstrations.