NYDailyNews.com reports that a pair of bomb-making Bronx brothers have pleaded guilty to charges in court. The pair of twin brothers entered their plea on Monday in relation to building a bomb in their Bronx apartment. Prosecutors claim the bomb could have caused “great damage.”

Tyler Toro and Christian Toro, 28, face a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. They pleaded guilty to three charges in their “Operation Flash.”

Christian is a former special ed teacher at a Harlem High School, and he had recruited students to help dismantle fireworks to collect explosive powder from them. He paid these students $50 an hour for their help. The brothers admitted to trying to create a bomb that would cause massive destruction and used minor students to help build it.

Their apartment was raided in February and found bomb-making materials including iron oxide and aluminum powder. A jar was also found labeled “explosive powder.” Another box contained firecrackers and 20 pounds of iron oxide and five pounds of potassium nitrate.

Christian reportedly used his school laptop to download a book explaining how to make explosive devices.

A diary labeled with Christian’s name included statements that indicated he and his brother were planning to buy and build weapons of destruction. The ledger labeled “Operation Flash” included hours worked by students as well as money owed to them.

The brothers will be sentenced on March 26.

*Photo credit New York Daily News