On January 5th, Senator Elizabeth Warren was holding a rally in preparation for her potential 2020 Democratic Presidential run. While most of those in attendance came out to support Warren, one person amongst the group was so disruptive that he ended up getting arrested.

The suspect, identified as 58-year-old Randal James, reportedly came out to the event specifically to cause chaos. He allegedly showed up to the rally carrying a huge banner with President Trump’s likely 2020 slogan “Keep America Great.” While carrying around the sign, he verbally taunted both Warren’s supporters and Warren herself.

According to witnesses, a Warren supporter became enraged at the man’s antics and decided to attempt to physically take away his banner. The Trump supporter responded by hitting the Warren supporter in the head with a selfie stick he had been carrying around. Thankfully, the victim of the incident was not injured during the attack.

Police in the area quickly responded and handcuffed James. While being hauled away, he reportedly continued yelling, “Trump 2020!” James was ultimately taken to a local county jail and charged with disorderly conduct. He is being held on a $300 bond.

The Storm Lake Police Department confirmed the incident in a social media post. They explained how the person was “very vocal” and eventually “became aggressive.” They reported that he “attempted to assault others in the crowd.”

It’s important for all those in attendance at political events to remember that no party condones the use of violence to achieve their goals.