Arrest Made in 1972 Murder Case

SUSPECT: Larry Joe Scott

CHARGES: First-degree murder, kidnapping


THE DETAILS: Back in 1972, a 33-year-old mother of two suddenly disappeared with her 4-month-old baby. A few days later, a migrant worker discovered her deceased body near a housing unit. She had several obvious gunshot wounds. Horrifically, the worker noticed the young child still alive and in his deceased mother’s arms. He quickly informed the police, but authorities weren’t able to identify a suspect for decades. The child had somehow survived several cold nights while abandoned. Now, authorities have finally arrested the person they believe is responsible for the years-old crime. They were able to make the arrest thanks to DNA evidence collected at the scene back in 1972.


Extreme Road Rage Incident Leads to Three Arrests, Four Hospitalizations

SUSPECTS: Joshua Beall, Phillip Chun and Christopher Delmonte

CHARGES: Assault with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: Authorities were forced to respond to an extreme road rage situation that ultimately landed four individuals in the emergency room and three in handcuffs. According to the police, the situation began at around 2 A.M. on May 4th. It’s unclear how the incident began, but two separate groups of men began to fight in the middle of the road. Three individuals were stabbed with a knife, and another person was struck with a vehicle. All four injured victims were rushed to the emergency room with moderate to severe injuries.


Seven Arrested in Marijuana-Related Scheme

SUSPECTS: Stephen Lamar Gadson, Lynn Darnell Gadson, Jr., Ryan Jamal Washington, Keoni Keith Gaddy, Erica Jacinda Gadson, Cormisha Ketua Quinn and Janacia Latrice Thomas

CHARGES: Possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, discharging a firearm during a drug trafficking crime, felon in possession of a firearm and money laundering

THE DETAILS: Seven individuals, all residents of Birmingham, have all been arrested and indicted for attempting to distribute at least 100 kilograms of marijuana. All of the suspects in this case allegedly conspired to bring large quantities of weed from California, where the substance is legal according to state law, to Alabama. Transporting marijuana across state lines is a federal crime regardless of the state’s weed-related legislation. At least three of the suspects were also charged with gun-related offenses after being found in possession of several weapons. Three more are also facing money laundering charges. The whole operation was conducted and investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.


Suspect Arrested in Utah for Creating at Least 85 Fraudulent Prescriptions

SUSPECT: Dusty Rogers

CHARGES: 30 counts of forgery, seven counts of falsely dispensing a prescription


THE DETAILS: Investigators in Utah discovered Dusty Rogers had been writing fake prescriptions while she worked at a medical clinic. According to initial reports, a former manager had learned about the forged prescriptions and reached out to the police. The manager discovered the suspect was using health care information on the clinic’s database to create the scripts for herself, friends and family members. He immediately terminated her employment contract while authorities took over the case. They promptly determined that at least 9,815 pills had been distributed to the suspect and her friends between 2017 and 2019. Hundreds of the pills were oxycodone.


Manhunt Underway for Californian Shooter Who Injured 5


CHARGES: assault with a deadly weapon

THE DETAILS: According to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, a gunman entered into the Oceano Dunes State Park at around midnight on May 5th. While there, he reportedly began discharging his firearm, which wounded multiple people. The police and ambulances responded to the reports of a shooting, and ultimately five individuals were rushed to the emergency room with gunshot wounds. While there have not yet been any fatalities, doctors are still working hard to stabilize the victims. More information is expected to be released in the coming days as the investigation continues. So far, no suspect has been identified, and the authorities have not yet confirmed whether there was only one gunman or multiple shooters.


Man Cleared of Rape Charges After 30 Years in Jail, Re-Arrested on New Rape Charge

SUSPECT: George Perrot


THE DETAILS: Perrot was arrested back in 1985 when he was only 17-years-old. At the time, he was convicted of raping a 78-year-old woman. Three years ago, the media went wild when he was released from jail. A judge looking at the old conviction determined that flawed testimony about a piece of hair evidence had altered the case, so Perrot was exonerated of all charges. Then in January, authorities were responding to a call when they found Perrot and another woman naked and unconscious on the sidewalk. The two were both high on heroin, and the woman told authorities that she never consented to have intercourse with the suspect. Perrot was re-arrested and again charged with rape.