HIV Positive MD Man Accused of Knowingly Spreading Disease

SUSPECT: Rudolph Jericho Smith

CHARGES: First-Degree assault, reckless endangerment


THE DETAILS: A man from Maryland is accused of purposely sleeping with at least four different women in an attempt to spread the infectious HIV disease. According to the police, the suspect intentionally went onto dating websites and apps, met up with women and seduced them into bed. Police strongly believe the suspect knew he was HIV positive and never disclosed it to any of his victims.


TN Resident Kills Two Then Himself Outside of Mall

SUSPECT: Leon Steven Jones

CHARGES: Murder-suicide

THE DETAILS: Just before 4 P.M. on April 16th, Leon Jones walked up to a shopping center in Sevierville, Tennessee. The man pulled out a firearm and began wildly shooting. At least two victims were struck by bullets. By the time the police arrived, both the female victim and the shooter were already deceased. The second victim, a 75-year-old, was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He has since recovered from his wounds and been discharged. Investigators believe the act of violence was random. The suspect and victims do not appear to have had any prior relationship.


Louisiana Man Arrested for Hate Crime Against Interracial Couple

SUSPECT: James Descant

CHARGES: Committing a hate crime, aggravated second-degree battery, aggravated assault and damaging property


THE DETAILS: The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to an incident in a New Orleans parking lot on Tuesday night. Upon arriving at the scene, a distressed interracial couple explained how someone had just lunged their vehicle towards them in an attempt to hurt them. The car did smash into the woman who suffered injuries to her hip, foot and wrist. The suspect was later identified as James Descant. He reportedly admitted to attacking the couple because he was disturbed and offended by their interracial relationship.


Miami Man Arrested After Wrestling with Plastic Alligator at Mall

SUSPECT: Gianny Sosa

CHARGES: Criminal mischief


THE DETAILS: An 18-year-old was arrested Monday after video emerged online of him performing wrestling moves against a plastic alligator in a Florida mall. He reportedly had friends record him as he performed the “RKO” wrestling stunt on the alligator, which was ultimately left floating upside down in the display. According to the Miami-Dade Police, the alligator suffered about $3,690 in damages. The suspect was allegedly arrested just last week for performing the same wrestling move on his high school principal.


Suspect Arrested Carrying Gasoline into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

SUSPECT: Marc Lamparello

CHARGES: Reckless endangerment, attempted arson and trespassing


THE DETAILS: Just days after the world was shocked by the destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, a suspicious man was discovered wandering around the St. Patrick’s Cathedral with lighter fluid, gasoline and butane lighters. According to the police, the disturbing incident doesn’t appear to be connected to any type of terrorist-related activity. The suspect has alleged that his car was out of gas, and that’s why he was carrying the cans. Authorities later discovered his car was not out of gas. Authorities were also suspicious that the suspect had purchased a flight to Italy just prior to showing up at the Cathedral.


76-Year-Old Grandmother Discovered Buried in Her Own Backyard

SUSPECT: Heber Enoc Diaz



THE DETAILS: On April 9th, construction workers building a second unit on Chyong Jen Tsai’s property uncovered a deceased body. They immediately reached out to the police who began an investigation. It didn’t take long for them to identify the victim as the homeowner, Tsai. The authorities also discovered that Tsai’s home had been ransacked, so they initially suspected that the murder may have been a robbery gone wrong. Authorities also found that the victim’s Lexus was missing. A $20,000 reward was offered for any information that led to the capture of the culprit responsible for Tsai’s death by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Shortly later, the victim’s Lexus was found abandoned on Colorado Boulevard. The following day, the authorities apprehended the suspect. It remains unclear what his motive was or how the authorities identified Diaz as a suspect.