Fugitive Apprehended After Taunting Police on Social Media

SUSPECT: Chloe Jones

CHARGES: Failure to appear in court


THE DETAILS: The Greene County Sheriff’s Office was shocked when one of their most wanted fugitives began taunting them on their social media page. The whole ordeal began last month when the authorities posted its “Top Ten Wanted” list on their page. To their amazement, one of the fugitives replied to the post on their personal profile. She said, “Do you guys do pick up or delivery?” She then began interacting with other people commenting on the post. Most were telling the woman to turn herself in. Shortly later, police were able to track down the culprit and bring her into custody.


Jalen Mills and Devin Robinson Arrested After Night Club Fight

SUSPECT: Jalen Mills and Devin Robinson

CHARGES: Disorderly Conduct


THE DETAILS: The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department was responding to a fight outside of a nightclub at around 3 A.M. when they realized the two people bickering were both well-known sports stars. Jalen Mills, a cornerback with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Devin Robinson, who plays with the Washington Wizards, were ultimately both charged with disorderly conduct.


Police Are Now Calling Mob Violence Against Transgender Woman a Hate Crime

SUSPECT: Edward Thomas

CHARGES: Not Yet Determined (Assault, Committing a hate crime)


THE DETAILS: 23-year-old Muhlaysia Booker was reportedly involved in a minor traffic accident at an apartment complex. When she stepped out of her vehicle, she was confronted by a large crowd. Before long, numerous onlookers were pulling out their phones as a fight broke out. Several members of the crowd took turns hitting, punching and kicking the victim, who had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. As police interviewed the victim, they learned the attackers had used hateful homophobic slurs towards Booker, who also identifies as transgender. Now, the authorities have arrested at least one suspect who was identified in the viral video. Charges have not yet been announced, but it’s likely prosecutors will pursue hate crime charges against the suspect.


Woman Sets ATM on Fire After Becoming Angry with Bank

SUSPECT: Reaksa Keo



THE DETAILS: A 56-year-old reportedly became so enraged at a Dallas bank branch that she decided to take it out on the bank’s ATM machine. According to the police, the suspect was angry that the bank had withdrawn funds from her account. In response, she showed up at the Bank of America and set fire to the ATM. When firefighters and police arrived at the bank, the suspect was still at the scene watching the chaos. Thankfully, firefighters extinguished the flame before more damage was caused.


Minnesota Woman Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty

SUSPECT: Caycee Bregel

CHARGES: 13 Counts of Animal Cruelty


THE DETAILS: A woman from Minnesota has finally been sentenced after pleading guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty. Bregel made national headline news last year when authorities discovered over 100 animals on her property. At least 64 of the animals were already deceased, and the others were all in very bad shape. After investigating the suspect, authorities learned she had adopted over 150 cats from the Animal Humane Society between July of 2017 and February of 2018. As part of her sentence, she will be required to spend 90 days on home monitoring, two years on probation and serve about 200 hours of community service.


Man Discovers Missing Mom's Body in Backyard, 1993 Case Reopened

SUSPECT: Michael Haim

CHARGES: Second-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: August 2015, ongoing murder trial. Sentencing in May

THE DETAILS: Back in 1993, three-year-old Aaron Fraser’s mother, Bonnie Haim, went missing. While authorities suspected Aaron’s father had done something terrible, they couldn’t locate Bonnie’s body or much evidence to prove foul play. Three-year-old Aaron reportedly told CPS workers that “Daddy hurt mommy,” but his testimony wasn’t enough. After all, it’s hard to completely believe a three-year-old’s story. Aaron was moved into a foster home. Then, in 2014 Aaron Fraser moved back into his old family home after winning a wrongful death lawsuit against his biological father. While renovating in the backyard, he discovered a bag full of human remains. After investigating the situation, the police reopened the investigation into Bonnie Haim’s disappearance. Now, Aaron’s father, Michael Haim, is on trial for the murder of his late-wife back in 1993. As the case proceeds, Haim has been pleading not guilty.