Chris Hansen is well-known for publicly capturing sexual abusers on his television show “To Catch a Predator.” The tides have turned, however, as Chris Hansen has now been arrested by police himself after allegedly bouncing checks.

According to police, Hansen intentionally wrote bad checks to a vendor he owed money to. The ordeal began back in 2017 when Hanson purchased $13,000 worth of promotional products from a vendor. The items in the order included coffee mugs, hats and T-shirts.

The vendor allegedly gave Hansen the items, and he provided a check for the full amount. Days later, however, the vendor realized the check had bounced. This initiated a back and forth between Hansen and the company.

After almost a year of bickering, Hansen reportedly sent the company another check. The company was outraged when this second check also bounced. Chris continued to beg the company for more time to pay the full bill, and he offered to give partial payments. At this point, the vendor decided to report the incident to the police department.

The police department reportedly attempted to reach out to Hansen on several occasions, but he refused to speak with them. Officers issued an arrest warrant, and Hansen decided to turn himself over to the Stamford Police Department.

After decades of hosting shows highlighting the capture of criminals, Hansen has now become one himself. Thankfully for him, he wasn’t held in jail too long. He has since been released without bond after promising to appear in court.