Amid the current political climate, the FBI has been working overtime to help keep citizens secure and protected from fringe groups. Recently, the bureau initiated four arrest warrants for suspects accused of intentionally inciting violence and participating in rage-fueled riots.

The leader of the Rise Above Movement, Robert Rundo, and two other suspects, Robert Boman and Tyler Laube, were all arrested after police analyzed private messages between the group leaders. Authorities are still searching for a fourth suspect, Aaron Eason, who participated in the messages.

The four suspects have all been charged with utilizing technology to organize and participate in riots. Various exchanges between the leaders show a direct intention to incite hatred, anger and violence. One phone call made in 2016 discussed how the leaders should encourage group members to attend events while wearing polo-shirts, khakis and a military-style haircut. Again in a 2017 exchange, the members discussed how they could “reimagine the nationalist look and playbook.” The group utilized social media to coordinate riots, train members in combat, recruit new members and brag about the violence the group had conducted. Several of the group’s posts included videos of members assaulting people at rallies.

Rundo and the other two suspects were denied bail due to his prior criminal history and the fact that they present a potential flight risk. Prosecutors pointed out that police found a large, framed portrait of Adolf Hitler in Rundo’s home, and Rundo has previously been convicted for stabbing another person. Jude Audero stated that she believes the three suspects are all members of “a horribly violent group.”