The Houston Chronicle reports that a Texas firefighter has been arrested and charged with bigamy. Nathanial D’Amato, 46, is from Cypress, Texas, and is accused of having multiple wives. He is currently being held in the Harris County Jail on a $10,000 bond. Bigamy is a second-degree felony in Texas.

A woman had married D’Amato in April, but then discovered shortly after that he was already married. He married a woman in 1998 in Michigan, and according to public records the marriage is still valid. His wife has also claimed that he is “still married to several other women.” This information was obtained from the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4.

A third woman has come forward  and testified in court that she formerly dated D’Amato and knew he was still married at the time. This ex-girlfriend gave him money for a divorce two times, but both filings were dismissed in court.

D’Amato is currently a firefighter, according to the Harris County public defender representing him in court today.

*Photo credit Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4