Nathaniel D’Amato has finally been arrested by Texas police after a months-long manhunt for the suspect. In April of this year, his wife contacted police to alert them that her former husband had admitted to being married to multiple women simultaneously.

The newlywed wife first became aware of an issue when she began receiving several calls from unknown women. Out of nowhere, these women began contacting her to explain that they too had been duped into marrying the same man. She reported to Constable Mark Herman that many women had located her e-mail address and were corresponding with her through the internet.

The infuriated wife immediately kicked him out of the family home when she learned about the firefighter’s multiple women. One victim heard about the falling out and traveled to Texas to give police proof that she had been married to the suspect since 1998.

The suspect was previously a well-respected member of the community. He was a volunteer firefighter with the Magnolia Fire Department and a full-time firefighter with the Needham Fire and Rescue in Montgomery County. Bigamy, or being married to multiple women, remains a crime in the state of Texas. It’s unclear why the Texas man decided to marry several women without ever finalizing divorces with any of his previous wives. Investigators are working to determine whether his several ex-girlfriends are still legally married to the man or not.

When D’Amato arrived at the fire station on June 4 seeking refuge, authorities took him into custody. If convicted of the second-degree felony crime, then the suspect could potentially be imprisoned for 99 years.