FOX News reports that a student from Texas State University has pleaded guilty in a case where she allegedly killed a man and his unborn child in a drunk driving accident in 2016. Shana Elliott, 22, was driving on Highway 21 when she allegedly drove her Chevrolet Impala over the center line and crashed into a Toyota Corolla, which held Fabian Guerrero-Moreno, 23, and his pregnant wife, Kristian Nicole Guerrero. She was five months pregnant and suffered injuries that caused her unborn child to perish. The accident occurred on August 2.

Elliott was charged with two counts of intoxication and manslaughter. She entered her guilty plea in front of a jury, which has been instructed to return a guilty plea as a result so that she can be sentenced.

In videos shown in court, Elliott was wearing a bikini when she was having a hard time completing a sobriety test. She also kept asking officers how the couple from the other vehicle was doing, and repeatedly said, “Kill me now. Please. I just want them to be OK.”

Elliott’s BAC was measured at 0.199, which is more than twice Texas’s legal limit of 0.08.

She told authorities she had been drinking both beer and liquor while floating on the river at Texas State Tubes with a group of friends before driving on the interstate.

Fabian was pronounced dead at the scene. Doctors tried to induce labor and save the baby, but it was stillborn. Kristian testified in court that she learned her husband died hours later while she was in the hospital.

Kristian and the paternal grandmother of the baby boy were able to hold him at the hospital for a time.

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