Families walking by a Texas Church over the weekend were offended when an unruly man began ranting and screaming at anyone who would listen. The suspect reportedly told multiple children that Santa Clause wasn’t real. His tirade continued until eventually the police were called, and he was ultimately charged with criminal trespassing.

The incident began when Aaron Urbanski, a 31-year-old, was passing by the United Methodist Church in Cleburne. He noticed that the church was conducting a “breakfast with Santa” event for local families and their children. It appears the event triggered the suspect into ranting about the holiday season, the fictitious Santa Claus and Jesus.

One family planning on attending the event was accosted by the suspect. He accused the parents of letting their children believe in the lie of Santa Claus before asking them, “Do they know who Jesus is?”

After this incident, many community members began asking the suspect to vacate the area. He refused to listen and instead continued to yell at anyone who came near the church. He continued yelling “Santa isn’t real!” at several children.

Police responded to the incident and eventually led the suspect away in handcuffs. He is being charged with trespassing. The Mayor of Cleburne, Scott Cain, posted about the incident on social media. He exclaimed, “Don’t mess with Santa!” and quipped, “guess they wanted coal in their stockings to go with a court appearance.” Media outlets are describing Urbanski as a ‘religious fanatic’ who specifically targeted the church and event to both protest and spout his beliefs.