FOX News reports that an inmate who escaped from prison in Tennessee tried to sneak back with contraband. Robert Fusco, 37, is currently serving a 68-year sentence for aggravated kidnapping, and has pleaded not guilty in court to charges saying he escaped prison and tried to sneak back in with contraband.

The Morgan County Correctional Complex is a minimum-security facility, and Fusco escaped on January 5. He was captured days later while trying to sneak back in with drugs, cell phones and tobacco. His plan was reportedly to sell the contraband for profit in the prison. It has not been revealed how Fusco escaped in the first place.

Seven others were also indicted on the charges in the scheme to sell contraband, including former correctional officers. Fusco’s former cellmate, Jarrett Tolley, was also charged with smuggling hacksaw blades into the prison. Tolley is now living as a woman and goes by the name Alyssa Tolley.

Other inmates involved in the scheme include: William Richard, 68; Cecil Kendall, 35; and Ethan Self, 26. A former president of the correctional officers’ union, Josh Sexton, 34, is accused of smuggling contraband “under his groin.” Ex-officer Megan Cheryl Jones was also charged with smuggling cell phones and having sex with Fusco.

*Photo credit Fox News Network LLC