One group of classmates from Monroe, Ohio, had a life-changing prom night in the worst way. The community is devastated by the tragic death of 17-year-old Kaylie Jackson who passed away days after being involved in a collision that night.

Kaylie was on her way to enjoy the prom night festivities with three other classmates when the driver lost control of the vehicle. Kaylie was riding in the backseat when the Tesla smashed into a utility pole. She was forcefully thrown from the vehicle on impact and was rushed to a local hospital. Sadly, her injuries were too extensive, and she passed away days later.

Authorities investigating the car crash confirmed that the teenage driver, the victim’s classmate, was excessively speeding. They discovered her speed was a contributing factor in causing the accident. Investigators also learned about text messages and video footage sent prior to the crash that further confirmed the driver’s reckless behavior while driving that night.

Authorities have confirmed that the suspect is facing two counts of assault and one count of aggravated vehicular assault. The 17-year-old will be charged in juvenile court. The suspect was ordered by the court to have no contact with the victims or the victim’s families until the case is resolved. She has surrendered her driver’s license and is currently on house arrest.

Chynna Brandon is expected to appear in court on July 16. If convicted, then the young teenager may be sentenced to serve at the Juvenile Detention Center until she turns 21-years-old.