The pop icon Taylor Swift is often called America’s Sweetheart, but some fans have taken their love for the musician way too far. 23-year-old Roger Alvarado is well-known for his deep obsession with Taylor Swift, and now he’s been arrested for attempting to break into Swift’s Homestead home.

On March 7th, police responded to Swift’s New York City home and found Alvarado attempting to make his way into the house. He had allegedly smashed in a glass door and climbed up a ladder to gain access to Swift’s home.

Police recognized the suspect because this isn’t the first time he’s tried to get access to Swift’s house. This is at least the third time he’s been arrested on her premises. Surprisingly, Alvarado was on probation at the time of his break-in. He just got released from jail on February 5th for burglarizing and stalking Taylor Swift.

Thankfully, T. Swift wasn’t home when the ordeal occurred. This is the second time in less than a year that her obsessive stalker has attempted to get at her. According to the police, the suspect “ransacked” the whole place and had moved a computer tower to the front door. It’s unclear what the suspect was planning on doing with the computer tower.

T. Swift already has an order of protection against Alvarado, so his most recent attempt at breaking into her home won’t be taken lightly. He’s been charged with burglary, felony criminal contempt for violating the protection order, stalking, criminal mischief and possessing burglar tools.