On January 8th, an 88-year-old elderly woman was assaulted and left with life-threatening injuries in a park. After weeks of investigating, San Francisco Police have finally apprehended the culprit behind the attack.

The perpetrator has been identified as 18-year-old Keonte Gathron. He was apprehended on January 19th after committing an unrelated burglary.

Police have not released many details because the investigation into the attack is still ongoing. Anyone with any information regarding the incident should call 415-575-4444.

The ordeal began during the early hours of January 8th. Yik Oi Huang was walking in the park on Visitacion Avenue when she was reportedly attacked. Police believe the suspect burglarized her home after committing the violent beating.

Huang was severely wounded during the assault. Her injuries were considered life-threatening.

Thankfully, a concerned neighbor witnessed the unknown suspect leaving Huang’s home, so she called police to investigate. Authorities then found Huang in the nearby park in very bad condition. An ambulance was rushed out to provide immediate care.

Huang is still receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Her daughter told media outlets how the brutal attack caused critical injuries to Huang’s skull, arms, neck and teeth.

Now, the community plans on installing surveillance cameras on the buildings that surround Visitacion Valley. The Mayor is also expected to meet with the Board of Supervisors to discuss possible safety improvements to the neighborhood.

The San Francisco Police Department released a statement concerning the ordeal. They confirmed the suspect’s arrest, but they explained that they won’t release further information about the case until later on in the week.