Political elections have a way of bringing out the worst in people. This age-old adage held true over the weekend in Melville, Louisiana. Cleven Clark, the loser in the local election for Police Chief, became so enraged over his loss and his opponent’s flaunting that he ended up getting arrested.

The incident began once the election results were announced. Cleven Clark was running against the current Police Chief, Anthony Moreau, and the final results could not have been much closer. Incredibly, the current Police Chief, Moreau, pulled out the win by a mere seven votes. The Secretary of State’s Office reported the results as 171-164.

The understandably upset Clark conceded the race before returning to his home, but his night didn’t end there. Not too long after returning home, Clark was disturbed by a noisy parade outside his house. He came outside to see the proud Anthony Moreau riding down the street with his sirens blazing. It was clear that he was celebrating his win, and Clark took it as a slap to the face. He claimed that the chief and the other officers involved in the parade intentionally rode past his home and were “harassing his family.”

Details surrounding what occurred next are still unclear. Officers claim that Clark exited the home and physically assaulted a police officer. Kicked a police cruiser. Clark reportedly He was arrested but later released on $1,500 bond. Clark had denied hitting the officer in question.

According to locals, the Melville Police Department always parades through the town when the incumbent chief wins re-election, so there was nothing out of the ordinary with Moreau’s parade. Many claimed the tradition dates back to the 1980s.