At around seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday, a giant fire blazed on Cahuenga Blvd in Los Angeles. The fire ravaged a building that holds around twelve different recording studios. The fire killed two and left two other victims with severe injuries.

These fires were particularly dangerous because the recording studio is filled with soundproof doors. One victim who survived the incident, Shahriar Tavakoly, explained that the soundproofing would have prevented other victims from hearing the commotion caused by the emergency.

Additionally, he noted that every wall had very flammable blankets draped over them to assist with soundproofing.Around 80 firefighters and first responders battled the blaze. The Fire Department reported that it took them about half an hour to extinguish the flames and neutralize the situation. There were around twelve individuals within the studio when the blaze broke out.

Shad Rabbani, who is in charge of leasing the building, told news reporters that the studios were filled with independent producers, so they have no system of keeping track of the various individuals coming and going from their building.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Los Angeles Police booked Efrem Demery as the primary suspect in these fires. Police indicate that this suspect will be held without bail, and they haven’t released any information about a potential motive. Investigators are working to determine whether the murdered victims passed away due to the fire or foul play beforehand. The Las Angeles Police Department will be holding a news conference on Monday afternoon to release more details.