Another outrageous customer-employee interaction at a McDonald’s restaurant forced police to become involved. After investigating the ordeal, police activated an arrest warrant against the customer who eventually turned himself in.

According to initial reports, the employee was only 16-years-old. The customer originally arrived at the drive-thru window and placed an order for French fries and a coffee.

The customer became increasingly agitated as he waited for his order to be fulfilled. The 16-year-old employee promptly gave the customer his hot coffee but informed him that the fries would take a little longer to complete.

Eventually, the customer began acting “obnoxious” towards the employee and asked to speak with a manager. The young employee later told police that they were afraid to re-approach the window because of the customer’s hostile behavior.

The customer repeatedly called for the 16-year-old to come back to the window. Eventually, the employee complied. As soon as the youngster reached the window, the enraged customer took off the lid of his hot coffee and threw the drink at the 16-year-old.

He immediately sped away in his red Ford Focus. Thankfully, the employee was uninjured by the incident and declined receiving medical care.

Police responded, and they reviewed the surveillance video. The department pleaded for the Camden community to help identify the perpetrator, and several individuals came forward to name the culprit: 29-year-old Joshua Emery Noel.

Police activated an arrest warrant, but Noel decided to turn himself in once news of his pending arrest went public. He admitted to throwing the coffee, and he was ultimately charged with second-degree assault and battery.