On October 14, a small blaze broke out on the third floor of a building located in Pelham Bay. Shortly before 9 P.M., the blaze began in the cockloft area between the building’s roof and ceiling.

Firefighters quickly responded to the building on 1656 Mayflower Avenue. The team decided to use extension ladders to reach the roof of the building in an attempt to control the flames. One of the crewmembers, firefighter Thomas J. Corcoran, was climbing up the extension ladder when he took a severe fall. The firefighter fell over 30 feet and smashed directly into the pavement. Incredibly, he remained conscious after the fall. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was listed in serious but stable condition.

Corcoran has been a firefighter for over 12 years, so a lack of experience did not cause this fall. He is currently married and has three children. The firefighter had to undergo serious surgery, and he suffered multiple broken bones after the fall.

Despite the fall, firefighters were able to successfully put out the fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. New York Police Department officers were seen carrying out bags of evidence from the fire, and initial news reports are saying the fire began in a marijuana grow house. While details are still forthcoming, police have confirmed they have made an arrest regarding the incident. Louis Roman, a 50-year-old who lives at the address of the building fire, has been charged with criminal possession of marijuana and assault.