Joshua Thomson, a 32-year-old resident of Saugus, was driving along Rout 1 in Revere when a nearby officer spotted his overloaded truck. According to Trooper Tah Yem, he noticed the Ford F150 pickup bunkered down with scrap metal, a bicycle and what appeared to be a hot water heater. The debris appeared to be unsecured, and photographs show the water tank held on by a single bungee cord.

Trooper Yem witnessed the truck traveling very slowly, likely to help prevent the metal from falling out. The driver was illegally utilizing the breakdown lane to travel down the road. Trooper Yem initiated a traffic stop and issued a citation for both the unsecured load and violating the breakdown lane laws. For safety reasons, the officer ordered the driver to take the next exit and secure his load immediately before proceeding.

Joshua Thomson was visibly upset. Rather than accepting the citation gracefully, he whipped out his cell phone and began recording the interaction with the officer. The trooper returned to his vehicle, but Thomson exited his truck and began walking down the breakdown lane while continuing to record. The trooper ordered him to return to his vehicle, and Thomson complied.

Incredibly, Thomson continued to record the trooper out of his window as he resumed driving down the breakdown lane at 25 mph. The chaos began creating a traffic jam, so the officer pulled the suspect over again. This time, he was given a citation for unlawfully using his cellphone, violating the breakdown lane laws again and marked lanes violations.

The suspect was extremely irritated at this point. After the second stop, he drove away and proceeded to make an illegal left turn. Trooper Yem attempted to pull the car over again, but this time Thomson refused. When he finally pulled into a parking lot, he was arrested and charged with failing to stop for a police officer and being disorderly in public.