Ketan Shah, a self-proclaimed businessman, is now being accused of scamming multiple victims out of more than $1 million by promising them Super Bowl LIII tickets and never following through. The alleged victims include the suspect’s own mother. Since “selling” the tickets, Shah has disappeared entirely.

Super Bowl LIII is set to begin on February 3rd in Atlanta. Several of the suspect’s victims had been making multiple payments for high-end tickets, but now they’ve been left hanging. The scam promised to deliver Super Bowl tickets with one hundred level seating. The package was expected to also include access to pre-parties and the concierge lounge.

The biggest one-lump sum the suspect collected was nearly $500,000. His own mother reportedly gave him at least $36,000.

Investigators are still piecing together the puzzle and trying to understand whether the suspect had planned this from the beginning or not. The scam has allegedly been ongoing since at least November. John Brunetti, the victim who gave the suspect over $500,000, explained, “I just didn’t account for maybe this guy will leave his job, leave his wife, leave his 12-year-old son, his daughter.”

The suspect’s mother reported the crime to the police, but she declined to press charges yet. The police department is closely monitoring the situation, but they haven’t attempted to locate or criminally charge the suspect yet because the Super Bowl has not played out yet.

If he doesn’t follow through with his promises, then police are planning on charging him with several counts of theft by deception.