The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a Texas student has been charged after bringing a handgun to school and passing out bullets. On Wednesday, a student at a Fort Worth middle school brought the weapon and ammunition to the building. The gun was found inside a locker after the student was caught passing bullets out to other students.

The assistant principal witnessed the dispersal of the bullets and alerted the school resource officer. The student had been brought to the office and was accompanied by his grandmother.

Staff searched his locker but didn’t find a gun, even though several students told the officer they had seen one. The boy admitted he brought the gun to school and put it in an empty locker.

He led the officer to the locker where he hid the gun, and it was hidden inside a black duffel bag.

The student was arrested and has been charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

*Photo credit Dreamstime/TNS