Philip Yabut, a 29-year-old solider, was just arrested by Virginia State Police after a bizarre drug-fueled chase involving a stolen military armored vehicle. The suspect allegedly stole the armored vehicle from a nearby National Guard base and drove it around for about 60 miles.

The ordeal began at 7:50 P.M. when the suspect was conducting routine training. Suddenly, he took off in an M577 armored carrier. Virginia State Police were notified five minutes later, and they pursued the vehicle into downtown Richmond. The carrier has a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, and police kept their distance to ensure civilians were safe throughout the incident. Police are happy to report that no one was harmed and no property was destroyed during the chase, but multiple witnesses took footage of the military vehicle roaming the streets and posted it to social media.

Incredibly, the suspect was active on his Twitter account before and during the police chase. He has served for the National Guard for over eleven years including two deployments to Afghanistan. He was ranked a first lieutenant.

Around 9:40 P.M., the suspect stopped the vehicle at East Broad Street and 11th Street. He exited the vehicle on his own accord near City Hall.

Yabut was arrested and is detained at the Richmond City Jail. The Virginia National Guard has launched an internal investigation into the incident which has resulted in multiple charges. Yabut will be charged with felony eluding, unauthorized use of a military vehicle and DUI.