Six British sailors, who were on shore leave in Jacksonville, Florida, were taken into police custody on September 5th after a night of heavy drinking.

The sailors were all reportedly working aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ship is well-regarded globally as one of Britain’s most powerful and largest aircraft carriers. The HMS Queen Elizabeth had arrived in the states from the UK earlier in the week. The men aboard were set to carry out joint military exercises with the US military later on in the month, and they were taking a short shore leave in Florida to prepare.

While on leave, it’s apparent that some of the sailors had too much to drink. When locals noticed the rowdy bunch fighting and urinating in public areas, they decided to call the authorities. Several of the suspects were taken into custody for drunk and disorderly conduct. At least three of the sailors were also charged with resisting arrest.

According to police reports, one of the sailors reportedly pushed an officer who was attempting to arrest him. Another was actively fighting and resisting, and yet another sailor was refusing to comply to the point an officer needed to utilize a Taser gun on him. All sailors were held in jail overnight and were allowed back onto their ship the next morning.

The British Navy has acknowledged the incident in a public statement, but they are not commenting further on the details of the investigation. Despite the six arrests, the ship was carrying over 900 individuals including 700 Royal Navy members and 200 industry personnel members.