Sevier County Police officers attempting to execute an arrest warrant were met with a surprise and forced to deploy tear gas into one Sevierville home on July 12.

Authorities noticed one suspect’s vehicle driving down the road. While confirming the tags and vehicle as the one they were looking for, they tailed the suspect to one home within Belle Meadows Subdivision. Police confirmed they are familiar with the particular home, and they have been called out to the residence in the past. When officers received confirmation that the suspect had an outstanding warrant from dispatch, they began to execute the warrant.

The suspect was detained in the garage area of the residence when he revealed that another individual within the home also had an open arrest warrant. Outside of the residence, police also discovered a Harley Davidson motorcycle that had been reported stolen. Investigators decided to pursue the additional suspects, but the residents inside the building refused to open the door. After several minutes, the homeowner, Shown Tamaddoni, emerged from the house. He refused to cooperate, so backup officers were called.

Police demanded that everyone vacate the house. Some complied and were immediately detained while others refused. The Sevierville Police decided to deploy tear gas into the home to force an evacuation.

A total of 19 people inside the home were arrested. Many were charged with obstruction of the service of a warrant. Four of the suspects had active and open arrest warrants. At least one vehicle was seized as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Police also found seven or eight pets in the home.