The Associated Press reports that Rose McGowan may end up facing felony drug charges if indicted by a grand jury in Leesburg, Virginia. A judge decided today that there was probable cause in the case and sent it to the grand jury.

McGowan tried to get the charges dismissed at a preliminary hearing. The grand jury will convene and hear her case on June 11. It is likely she will face an arraignment on June 12.

Her defense has been that the drugs found on her may have been planted by agents hired by Harvey Weinstein, who has been disgraced by McGowan’s claims of sexual assault.

In January of 2017, cocaine was found in McGowan’s wallet that she left on a flight to Dulles International Airport. No evidence was presented by the defense that the drugs were planted, rather it was argued that the wallet was out of McGowan’s possession for several hours and found by a cleaning crew.

A detective testified that when he called McGowan letting her know they had found her wallet, she asked if she could get it at the baggage claim area. He told her she would need to come to the police station to pick it up. Although she said she would come to get it, she never did.

*Photo credit The Associated Press, FILE PHOTO